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Life Goal: Don’t just be an average muslimah, have a strategy for your akhirah!

Last April 9, 2017. I was fortunate to be one of the attendee in an all-female muhadarrah (islamic lecture) in our humble city. Two days before the event, I was texting the contact person to kindly ask for a reservation (hoping to fill a seat), even though I knew about it since a week before, but forgot to make a reservation in advance.

However, I received a text message informing me that all seats for the event was already taken (I was too late!). I was saddened but thanked the sister for accommodating me, and I pondered on my own, maybe it’s not meant for me. It was not written for me to be participating in that event.

Indeed, it was unfortunate especially if you think of all the ‘ilm that you will gain, that feeling of eeman boost, and being in the company of inspiring sisters. Masha’Allah! However, if you think of Allah’s plans, as being far better than our own plans, it gives our hearts a feeling of ease and gratefulness. (and so I was comforted)

Moving on, came the day prior the event. I was in my usual self, reading blog posts and munching my favorite snack when suddenly, a text message appeared informing me that one seat was opened for the muhadarrah and was waiting for my confirmation. Subhan’Allah! From where that available seat came from, only Allah knows! I was in awe of how Allah SWT makes plans for us and make things work, out of nowhere. I was so happy and immediately replied back confirming my reservation. Alhmadulillah! Indeed Allah makes things possible by any means. And this event was indeed written for me, with a twist. 🙂


YOUR SOUL IS CRYING, was the theme of the muhadarrah.

entrance to the venue.

One thing I love about this event was that: it was an all-female event. No worries of mix socialization with the opposite gender. And on top of that ,the venue is exclusive and conducive with free meals for all attendees. We also had iquize which was participated by everyone. It was entertaining and educating at the same time. We enjoyed the question and answer part. Prizes were given that adds to the spice and eagerness of everyone to participate. Over the course of the lecture, a revert sister even made her Shahada. I feel so blessed to have witnessed it. (I was crying out of happiness cos it’s my first time to witnessed it in front of my eyes. tho I have watched tons of videos of it online). Over all, it was a joyous, eeman-boosting, productive and eye-opening event for me. And I wish to have more muhadrrahs like this in the future.

So, I would like to share the things I learned, and will be coming back to this post to re-read this and hopefully remind myself once again.


a keychain for keeps. 🙂



Basically, the main focus of the muhadarrah was our SOULS. Our ruh inside our body. How our life in this world is so small, so tiny and insignificant compared to where we are going–the hereafter! (have we though of that frequently?)

I learned that our souls, me and you inside these bodies, will embark on a journey–in 6 different worlds.



a bunch of inspiring and beautiful muslimah, young and young-at-hearts. 🙂


(please bear patience as I only took points of the main topic, and wrote only what I did understand, this is not however, the complete and detailed notes of the lecture.)

1. AL-ARWAH, this is the dwelling places of the created souls. In this world we are just plain souls, no HE or SHE. We are happy and contended in this world, and we only know Allah! Our breathing is just for Allah and we don’t ever want to leave this world. All the souls that will be brought to this earth is situated in this al-arwah. Billions of soul and Allahu Ahlam. Moreveover, we don’t know how long did Allah SWT has kept your soul and my soul in this world.

2. AL-ARKAM, this is inside our mother’s womb. We are transferred to this world from al-arwah, by the angel blowing the ruh to the body of a fetus as Allah’ command. In here, we are provided by our mothers with the necessary food and nutrients in order to grow and live (through our umbilical cords). Similarly, we also don’t want to leave this world but, we don’t have control over what will happen to us. So Allah brought us to the next world…

3. AD-DUNYA, the worldly existence! We are transferred to this world upon our birth. The world where we are right now. Let say, we will live the average lifespan of 70 years. This is where we lost track of the hereafter, spending our years chasing worldly affairs: money, fame, wealth, enjoyment, etc. We are dying to reach the pinnacle of success in this world, but in terms of our deen we don’t give it our priority. We are working hard just to be rich in order to be fully happy, and we don’t think of death as a reality. How deluded are we? Subhan’Allah.

4. AL-KUBUR, after the chase of the worldly life comes our death. This is now another world, a dwelling place for our lifeless bodies. Imagine, if we die right now, are we ready with the few good deeds we have on our records? Will those deeds suffice for us to be admitted in Jannah? (You and I know that we are not! we still have to do more and more but, why are we not taking actions?) REFLECT! REFLECT! REFLECT! Please save your soul my dear self. Because indeed, the grave is a scary place. We will be squeeze inside and punishments will be given according to the sins that was committed by our whole body. Astagfirullah.

While we wait for the judgment day, our souls will be transferred to either in ILLIYIN (a place for the good souls) or in SIDJIN (a place for the bad souls).

5. RESURRECTION, then the horn will be blown and the day of judgment will come. A day which we are aware but take heedless of. Our souls will then be resurrected with a reconstituted body ready for judgement; moving towards the resurrection ground to the place of assembly for judgment by Allah SWT, for 50, 000 long years. Imagine! 50, 000 years compared to the 70 years of your life in the dunya!!! (we might not even reach 70 years old in the dunya, who knows.)

6. HEREAFTER–JANNAH OR JAHANNAM? and now our final abode. The eternal world. The eternal life! Which world would we want to spend our eternity??? What would be the ending of our souls??? And so, I will leave this thoughts for you to fill your hearts with, and question yourself regularly. You know far better to evaluate your own self. Bear in mind that the punishment is real, and so as the promised rewards of Allah SWT. It’s never too late to repent and do better. We can start today!

What’s my take home lesson that I wish to live upon: live in this world like a stranger and attain success that will benefit me, both in this world and in the hereafter. I tell myself to forget about the people who try to mess my life, and just live contentedly and do my ibadah sincerely. I say to myself to forget about the job that gives me stress, and just endure it, and live a life trying to please Allah alone. I say to myself, forget about having millions on your bank account but rather, focus on spending what you have in halal ways. Have a strategy for my akhirah that my future self will thank me for!  Do self-reflection everyday! Think of death regularly! This world is nothing compared to what is waiting ahead… 

tried my best to keep a good penmanship.
cos my handwriting is actually, nvm. 🙂



***Special thanks: To the whole YSIC team, Assunnah foundation, and to the very inspiring, moving, and soft-hearted speaker (sister Ablah Safiyah). She welcomed us guests, with the salam and warm hugs and kisses. She made me shed a tear quite a few times with her beautiful words and her shared experiences. May Allah accept from us all, our efforts and perseverance to seek ‘ilm, and may HE keep our intentions pure and sincere.


Praying for many more events with the sisters. In shaa’ Allah.

Jazak’Allahu khair for reading!  🙂

xoxo, delly.


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