Debut post: My comfort words

“Somehow you manage to get through the day. It’s not as if you had a choice. Maybe things will get better, maybe they won’t. Sometimes things happen that make you ridiculously happy to be alive. This is the stuff you live for; the rest is just blah. You can whine all you want, but that’s how it is. That’s the thing about being a human being: you just have to go on living. – Day of the Living Dead, Jessica Zafra


I would like to start off this blog by posting about one of my favorite quote that I stumbled across my long periods of tumblr blogging (mainly reposting) and reading bits of just about anything under the sun online, as the highlight of my day during my spare time introvert-ing.

I believe that I am past the stage of lamenting the times when some things don’t seem to always go my way. I am tired of consistently having to expect that life must be “always” happy in order to fully live. I am done of just merely contemplating my thoughts instead of writing them down to declutter my mind. I realised that I should not be wasting my youth dealing with the things I can’t control and instead I should live freely, away from the society’s norm of how we should be living our individual lives.

Writing is something I shove over the shelf this past few years. Shrugging it off and closing its door of self-improvement. Hence, writing a blog is just one of those I wanted to tick off the box. No more thinking twice whether I am good at this or not. (technically, I still have a lot to improve, but who cares though) I just wanted to write and so, I will! We got one life to live so might as well fuel that self-confidence.

Imma start off my sail somewhere paddling my way to the shore of deep satisfaction–of finally being able to just do something without needing the validation and affirmation of others. However, I am a work in progress so I will welcome my mistakes and flaws with open arms instead of beating myself too much. I will learn and move on. Period.

I was living my life afraid of slaying the monsters within me, hesitant of taking risks and reluctant of exploring the depths of the water. It’s time to cruise back to a worthwhile voyage– of self love and dauntless adventures; embracing the waves and tides of the vast ocean and life’s uncertainty.

Cheers to new beginnings, to write and beyond. 🙂

with lots of love from the bottom of my hypothalamus,



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